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Psychological Services






Individual Therapy

Individual therapy to address relationship problems, phase of life issues or problems with adjustment.

Marriage Enrichment/
Pre-Marital Counseling

For pre-married and married couples.

Psychological Assessment

We help identify learning disabilities, and provide admissions testing.

Christian Counseling

Therapy that incorporates spiritual disciplines such as prayer and scripture reading.

Who We Are

Our Approach

We provide competent, compassionate and quality mental health services that inspire hope, foster change and empower the client to make their own breakthroughs (discoveries required to make meaningful changes and advancement in their lives). Each clinician takes a comprehensive approach to treatment that considers each individuals’ unique set of circumstances and needs.

Established in May 2010, Breakthroughs Psychological Services, LLC (BPS) is a minority and woman-owned business seeking to provide competent, compassionate and quality mental health services throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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